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Ethiopian Opal-The Fiery Water Stone

Read about the benefits and uses of the beautiful Ethiopian Opal.

AKA: Precious Fire Opal, Welo Opal, Wello Opal; from the Wollo Province in Ethiopia

Minerology: Hyalus Opalinus


  • Sanskrit: Upala, meaning 'jewel' or 'precious stone'

  • Greek: Opallius, meaning ' to observe a colour shift'

To the eye: Resinous or pearly, featuring colors like white, yellow, red, brown, green, or gray

Birth Month: October

Astrological Sign: Libra

Some of the opal produced from the Wollo Province has an orange, yellow or reddish body color along with play-of-color. The orange, yellow or reddish body color meets the definition of a fire opal, and the play-of-color meets the definition of a precious opal. Meeting both of these criteria, these opals could be called "precious fire opals." Ironically, these stones are also known as "hydrophane crystals." Hydrophane crystals can absorb water due to the structure of their porous surface. Avoid submerging in water for long periods because this can cause the opal to crack during drying.

Metaphysical Properties & Uses of Ethiopian Opal:

This opal is a complete healing stone. Its fiery nature is the cause of transmutation of many energies, known and unknown. This stone has the ability to raise the frequency in any case, transmuting negative thoughts, emotions, and blockages within the chakras.

Because of this, Ethiopian Opal is said to have a wide range of benefits for connecting to the higher realms.

Here are a few:

  • Protective: creates a shield around the wearer, deflecting and transmuting negative energies to positive ones (think of how it naturally refracts light through its impurities)

  • Resonates with the energy of the warrior goddess, giving emotional support, and amplifying feelings of love and passion.

  • Regarded as the healer of eyes, hair, nails and skin, aiding foresight, and hearing.

  • As it transmutes negativity energy, it is also said to reduce the effects of poison.

  • Strengthens the emotional body of the wearer.

  • "Historically, it is acknowledged as a jewel of happy changes, as it brings happiness from the understanding, that the wearer possesses unlimited potential which allows his aspirations to rise in future." (Ethiopian Opal Meaning and Healing Properties, Power & Facts | Gemexi)

  • Helps women wearers connect with her divine feminine goddess.

  • Brings light into the aura.

  • Awakens psychic and mystic qualities by enhancing cosmic connectivity and awareness.

  • Said to have been used to invoke real-time visions.

  • Stone of light which attracts the similar frequencies of the Angels and Heaven

  • Although a stone that can help heal activate all chakras, it works with the Crown chakras frequency the best.

  • Bonds the wearer to the universal life force within, and without

  • Clears and transmutes karmic debt, making this stone a key to past lives and the akashic records.

Do not under estimate the power that comes with the beauty of this stone. Empowered and infused with feminine water in the masculine fiery vessel, this crystal can and will open up your senses. Spirit will use this stone to command you to do the work. So be cautious and intentional when wearing this stone.

With Love, From Charming Tee of The Good Vibe Galaxy


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