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Banish: Pain Relief Roll on - FAQ's + information

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

If you have never heard of our pain relief roll on, read on! I answer as many questions as possible about this amazing product.

  • What is it?

  • Who makes it? + How is it made?

  • How can I use it, and how long does it take to start working?

  • How long does it last? (shelf life & product life)

  • What are the ingredients?

  • Is it psychoactive? (spoiler alert - no it isn't)

  • Can I use it on my children?

  • Reviews/Testimonials

  • Get a roll on here!

⚡️What is the Banish: Pain Relief Potion?⚡️

The pain relief potion, made with a handful of powerful herbs, is exactly that. A tincture created by me, Tanasha, to help banish pain. This potion comes in a 10mL roller bottle, great for quick application. You can also sometimes find it in a bigger sprayer applicator bottle. Banish can be used for a wide variety of everyday pain, or on a specific ailment that leaves you feeling sore or in pain.

Read on to find out the ingredient’s, how it works, what other people say and so on.

⚡️Who makes the potion? + How is it made?⚡️

As mentioned above, Tanasha, the owner and operator of The Good Vibe Galaxy, created the recipe for this potion in 2017, she was led and directed by Spirit to make this herbal remedy. Tanasha studied the best ways to extract THCA from cannabis, as well as the best form of extraction. She did research on the most effective herbs for quick pain relief as well as asked friends and family for their input! This led to this completely handmade potion that actually works.

This tincture is made completely by hand, the old school way. No machines, no special tools. Just the herbs, the extractor, my scale, and Father Time. I grind the herbs and plants individually using the measures and ratios I created when I first made the potion. There are only 7-8 ingredients, so hand grinding them really puts the magick into this product. Next, I place all the ingredients in a large mason jar one by one. I completely cover it with Everclear and let it sit for 6-8 weeks, shaking the jar at-least once a day. After the weeks have passed, the final step, before bottling, is filtering out the plant material from the tincture. This takes time and effort if you don’t have a solid technique.

In addition to these steps, I always make sure to speak life into and enchant the potion. I always make sure to give it directions as well and infuse the potion with reiki so that not only is its herbal power we are using, but spiritual power.

⚡️How can I use it, and does it really work in 15 minutes?⚡️

This potion works for a variety of different types of pain but generally and most popularly muscle aches, body cramps, charley horse, soreness, pain from carpal tunnel, etc. To correctly use this potion, you shake the bottle, and roll it directly onto the affected area avoiding open wounds. Let the potion dry for about 20-30 seconds so it can absorb quickly. You can use it as much as possible. The potion rolls on yellow from the turmeric, but this doesn’t stain and can be removed with soap and water after it dries.

This potion average kick in time is about 15 minutes. If using for average msucle soreness, cramps, charley horse, the potion begins to work from 10-20 minutes after application. Depending on the severity of the pain, (generally the deeper the pain is in your body: the less it works) you may not notice it kick in because the potion sometimes can simply reduce the intensity of the pain but not remove it completely! This formula was not made with the intention to replace pain medications but rather assist and give more options to those seeking relief.

Some of the ways the potion can be used {always avoid open wounds, body parts like eyes, nose, and mouth, never to be ingested}:

  • Headache - roll around the temples, behind the ear, and back of the neck.

  • Muscle cramp - apply directly to the cramped area

  • Charley Horse - apply directly to the area, assist with relief by running body part under hot water before or after application

  • Muscle spasms - apply directly to the area, on the bottoms of the feet, or joint areas like back of the knees or inner elbow

  • Hand Cramps/Pain - apply directly to affected area

  • Sprains - apply to directed area to relieve swelling and pain, assist process with elevating the body part and using copper to help with circulation

  • Overall body Relief - rub on shoulders, belly button, and back of the legs.

  • Growing pains - apply to effected area as well as the hinge joints (back of knees and inner elbow)

  • Can also relieve joint pain, sciatica, arthritis, sports injuries, and more

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or physician. This is based off personal use and use from others. This is not professional advice. For educational purposes only.

⚡️How long does it last? (Shelf life & Product life)⚡️

Because the base ingredient of this tincture is a preservative (grain alcohol), no water was used, and all herbs were dried before use. This pain relief potion has a shelf life of about 2 years. Although, after that time, the potion wont mold or go bad - the potion itself becomes thicker, and sticky due to slow evaporation of the alcohol and it becomes unusable.

Its life use can last anywhere between 2 months and 1 year depending on the frequency of use & how much is used each application.

⚡️What are the ingredients?⚡️

The ingredients to this potion are simple and can be found in nature.

Herbal Extractions of:

  • Arnica - relieve pain associated with arthritis and muscle pain, swelling and bruising (not to be ingested)

  • White Willow Bark - salicin in this bark works similar to aspirin, reducing inflammation and pain as it enters the bloodstream

  • Lavender - antibacterial and antifungal, reduces anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain and more, great for skin health

  • Chamomile - anti inflammation, muscle spasms, applied topically chamomile is said to speed up wound healing, great for skin health

  • Turmeric root - active chemical curcumin reduces swelling, commonly used for osteoarthritis, anti-inflammation, wound healing, also great for skin health

  • Black Pepper - active chemical piperine reduces inflammation, high in antioxidants. When curcumin and piperine are combined they become a powerful inflammation fighting duo.

  • Raw Cannabis - using the buds, the stems, and the Everclear - the cannabinoids are extracted out of the plant material into the liquid preserving them and concentrating them. THC is the cannabinoid that gives you the psychoactive effect, smoking raw cannabis decarbs the plant and transforms the THCA into THC. THCA is known to have medicinal properties, but is not psychoactive, and although THC has health benefits, we miss out when we smoke the flower. THCA is anti-inflammatory, and can be used to treat arthritis, seizures, side effects of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

⚡Can I use this on my children?⚡️

  • I personally use this potion on my children. I use it for growing pains, sore muscles, and overall relaxation after a long day.

  • I am not a pediatrician or professional physician. Consult your primary physician before using on children.


"You have to get it, my migraines are so much more minimal now if I even get them at all, I love this stuff I use if for everything I need to quit before I run out too soon lol"

"I tried the pain relief potion. Instant pain relief on my ankle and head. I had a little headache while doing homework, rubbed a little on and the headache went away. My ankle was throbbing, so I rubbed some on my ankle - instant relief. I'll definitely be buying more."

"Hey, I wanted to thank you I received the rolls yesterday. As I got home from work, I had the worst of lower back pain and I applied it on and no lie like within 15 minutes my pain was gone I was amazed you're doing a great job."

"Girl why did my grandma come knock on my door at 12am asking for the pain relief lmaooo CRACK!"

"Got my Banish: Pain Relief Potion today from (FKA) Good Vibes & Positive Minds!! Put it straight on my feet cause your girl is tired and it feels like my feet are being stabbed.

Look!! the shit works ok!! Almost immediately!! The sharp pins and needles pain is gone! And the soreness has dulled. Please do y'allselves a favor and get one. This is going to be used daily, I already know it."

“Just wanted to let you know I gave one of my best friends one of the pain relief rollers. She has a really bad back and has even had surgery multiple times to burn the end of nerves to temporarily relief her chronic pain (they heal so it has to be redone like once or twice a year). Well, the pain wasn't 100% gone but she felt a huge difference! And of course, it works fast so she loved it! And wants to get in touch soon to order some more."

If you made it to the end & want to try the Banish: Pain Relief Roll on - Use code NOPAIN3 to get $3 off 1 roll on.

Shop here:

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