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Charming Tee Reading Reviews

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Read what other people say about receiving a reading with Charming Tee. These reviews are collected by Charming and given voluntarily by her clients. Reviews Collected since March, 2022.

"To start, Charming is an absolute joy to get a reading from. She created a safe container to explore any and everything that could come up. I felt comfortable asking questions and was blown away at how spot on everything was. Not only was I able to understand deep rooted patterns from this lifetime, but I was also able to get a glimpse into how/why current relationships are effected by my past lives."


"I finally got a past life reading and it was magical! First and foremost Charming is a realist. Her vibe and energy are beautiful! Very professional, which for me is top tier! The message began in a different language which lead to Greek mythology, pegasus/unicorns, jumping different dimensions, and being here multiple times as the same person, same image, melanite and so much more! It’s funny because when asked if any of this resonated with me I had to think about it for a second … Activated! The messages were coming in from all over .. different dimensions. (To be honest, I talk that way sometimes). So when Charming was explaining it all made sense to me. I also started remembering certain details like yes I do like unicorns and had seemed to take a liking to it a few years back hence my unicorn pen sitting on my desk and my unicorn salt lamp. Also, two things Charming hit on the nail with accuracy is that I have been here a few times and as the same person … I was told recently that I’ve been here several times as the same person and that I jump dimensions. Also as soon as the reading was complete validation after validation happened. All I have to say is TOP TIER! "


"I’m very grateful for the reading I received from Charming Tee. I gained confirmation on what I had been getting urges to do by spirit. Questions posed that had me looking inside myself to dig deep and advice and affirmation in a way to help give me ease and invite the spirit I need along my journey. Thank you so much. I encourage you to book a reading as well ✨"


"Charming did an AMAZING job describing everything with my past life reading. A lot of things I did in the past correlate with me now like writing, being alone, and going to the water. When she was telling my story of my past life, I was wondering how it connected with my life now. At the end of the session, talking with Charming about my current situations and dreams - it all made sense about this particular past life. Please let Charming take her time and write everything down as she's going. It's worth it! Gratitude Charming!!!"


"Absolutely amazing and resonated."


"The way Charming did my past life reading was so amazing and everything she say was on point, now I know my spiritual name i'm so excited 🥹 and I understand everything that was said and now I’m finna use my spiritual name more and take advantage of it I show Gratitude charming Tee love you too life y’all get y’all reading please please 🫶🏾"


"I show so much gratitude and love. The reading is spot on, it gave me the clarity I needed and made me realize things that I have been pushing to the back burner and showed me that I need to lead with my inner voice like you said. Gratitude and I send love and light to you."


"I've always wondered a lot about myself, about who I was, why do I like certain things and move the way I do. Getting this past life reading today really helped me with some understanding of self. Trials that I've had to endure, obstacles and situations. My grandma went through similar things that I've went through. Bringing light on my inherited gifts and purpose brings a whole new meaning to life for me down to the way I love solitude and quiet etc. My reiki practices and in tuned with understanding chakras. I show gratitude Ancestors, spirit, loved ones and Charming for this experience. Ase'"


"First I would like to say if u haven't booked a past life reading or just a general reading with Charming Tee u need to cause let me tell y'all, she gave me a past life reading and it was amazing!! she was spot on and even gave me confirmation with things Quatita told to me. I show so much gratitude ☺️ 😊 "


"My reading first off Gratitude it was amazing everything charming said aligned with what was going on in this current life very accurate love the laughs and the conversation very good at making you feel comfortable honestly helped me to understand a lot about my current life situation and things that may have happened not too long ago definitely knows what she’s doing LY2L Do recommend."


"I got to get info on my dad's position in my life and more insight on why he was the way he was and how I am almost mirrored to him and possibly reasons why I remain stuck and may need to complete the mission he was set forth to do. And how I may assist thru doing some deep shadow work to get a clearer understanding of life thru his eyes."


"My reading was amazing, every last thing Charming gave me from every card was spot on!! I gained so much clarity and am excited about what's to come! I give so much gratitude to Charming for my beautiful reading and her words, knowledge and wisdom. ILYTL ❤❤❤🧿🧿🧿",


"Charming validated a lot of things that I was feeling myself. She gave me the clarification that I needed to move forward in my healing process. I highly recommend booking with her! "


"Charming was absolutely so sweet and down to earth! Right away she started letting me know all the current events happening in my life. It was so much confirmation for me. She also gave helpful advice/tips on how to grow and expand my business. Everything was amazing."


"Not what I wanted to hear but a truth I definitely needed. Love an honest reading"


"Charming Tee did an absolutely amazing job! She brought forth healing I didn’t even know I needed. As well as tied together messages I have been receiving for the past few months. I definitely recommend!"


"It was accurate to a T! I genuinely resigned from beginning, middle to the end! I give her a 10/10 because it aligned so well with my character and lessons I’m going through in real time. I can say they are a fun treat and the reading was super spontaneous and very very enlightening! I totally recommend going to get you one! I’ll be back for a general reading soon. Definitely tap into Charming T everyone 💕🫶🏼"


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"Charming Tee did an excellent job answering some of the questions I wanted to know without me even asking questions. She put together things my Higher Self connects me to in this lifetime now and giving me a sense of what my purpose started out as in the beginning if you're thinking on a deeper level."


"This was my first past life reading….all I can say….is I was not disappointed. So many things for me to allow to settle but it was an experience that I can’t believe I waited so long to experience. I received so much from this reading and I’m honestly still in awe of all that was revealed. I’ll be back for a follow up reading. Thank you for the beautiful experience."


"This past life reading was amazing [asf], it is mind blowing and emotional uplifting and it’s motivation from your past life to present and gratitude love you to life cousin."


"There’s not enough characters to express how amaze balls my reading was. Very enlightening, insightful and ON POINT! So much gratitude Tee! You are SHE👏🏽!!"


"The past life reading with Charming Tee was amazing and I resonated deeply with everything she said, as it heavily connects and mirrors my present life of events now. The saying “history repeats itself” was very prevalent in my past life reading with Charming Tee. The nature of events in my past connect with me in my life now, this experience was so dope! I recommend getting a past life reading, beautiful experience. You just never know how all these connections correlate, gave me goose bumps Greatly appreciated."


"My reading with Charming Tee was probably the most clearest reading I’ve received. She answered my questions with detail. Nothing was left out. All of what she said definitely resonated with me and shredded my doubt in regard to what I had asked. Will be booking with her again!"


"BLEW MY MF SOCKS AWAYYYYYY!!!! I honestly feel like I have grown a lot since the reading. It’s very important to look into your past lives, & boy was I happy I did it! She was eerily accurate, intuitively ik she was gonna blow me away that’s why I trusted her. Do not hesitate whatsoever to get a reading from her! Legit things I loved in the past, I love now. Also I’ve been deeply into spirit, & our roots in my past life, ironically I am in this life as well. The reading was way deeper than that, but that’s between me, her, & spirit lol."


"She was amazing! I never told her any detail about my life and yet she still saw and described a lot of things that resonated. She was able to tap into my ancestors, and they told us about my past life like an actual story book. It was an amazing experience for us."


"My reading with Charming Tee was very insightful. She elaborated on everything so well that I had minimal questions. I was able to confirm a lot and everything that was told to me resonated with my Soul and Spirit greatly!"


"Right away there were connections being made to my person NOW that I don't share with others from my reading. The cards were ready to talk, but without Tee their message would not have come through as clearly. The amount of intuition and energy just in the air during my reading was buzzing. The past life she read could not have felt more like myself. Tee was relaxed and very attuned the entire time. Absolutely incredible and I'm definitely over excited to book another AND refer my loved ones!!"


"It was amazing and on time with a lot of information that I had been curios about regarding myself and my elders that has transitioned. To be honest somethings started aligning a couple of hours after the reading about possibly becoming a doula. I am very grateful."


"Charming Tee is such a blessed ✨miracle!! This past life reading gave me A LOT of clarity on situations that have occurred in my life. Charming Tee put everything into perspective for me and explained everything in a way that very easy to understand. The ancestors/angels /higher ups definitely use her as a medium to get their messages across to us. Please, if you are thinking about getting a reading done, get one done with the wonderful Charming Tee. You won’t be disappointed! ❤"


"My reading with Charming Tee was very insightful. She elaborated on everything so well that I had minimal questions. I was able to confirm a lot and everything that was told to me resonated with my Soul and Spirit greatly!"



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