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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Turmeric is a golden root. Literally and figuratively. According to the NCCIH, In India, [turmeric] was traditionally used for disorders of the skin, upper respiratory tract, joints, and digestive system. Today, turmeric is promoted as a dietary supplement for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, digestive disorders, respiratory infections, allergies, liver disease, depression, and many others. Curcuminoids in turmeric contribute to a lot of its medicinal properties. Curcumin, which is considered a terpene, holds anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antiseptic, anti-plasmodial, astringent, digestive, diuretic, and many other properties.

Black pepper itself is a powerful supplement, containing the alkaloid piperine, black pepper becomes anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, a mild analgesic, etc. In addition, piperine helps your body to absorb nutrients like iron and beta-carotene. When mixed with turmeric, piperine assists in curcumin absorption which allows for maximum nutrient absorption.

How the Banish: Pain Relief Roll On uses Turmeric + Black Pepper

My family has been using turmeric and black pepper combined since we learned about and experienced the benefits. When I created this original roll-on tincture recipe, I created it with black pepper and turmeric being the foundational ingredients. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant extractions are great for the skin. In addition to relieving a wide variety of pain, the herbal mixture in this tincture leaves your skin feeling unbothered and relaxed from the medicinal and magical properties. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE RETURN OF THIS MEDICINE 🌱

Keep your immune system boosted or fight a cold with this quick recipe that can be made with household ingredients.

Turmeric, Honey + Black Pepper Golden Honey Recipe Read in its entirety before beginning your recipe. How to use:
  • If you currently have a cold, take a spoonful every hour. Make sure to not double dip or share spoons if multiple people are using at once.

  • As a supplement, take as often as desired. Suggested: take a spoonful in your favorite fruity tea, take a spoonful by mouth morning, late afternoon and night.

  • Safe for children over the age of 1. (Research the effect of honey on babies under 1.)

What you need:
  • 4oz - 8oz Mason Jar or Cap Secured Jar

  • Manuka or Raw Honey

(Plain honey can be used, but because its highly processed its medicinal value has been rinsed. Manuka is the best.)

  • Powdered turmeric

  • Black Pepper

Golden Honey Recipe:

This recipe is how I base my own servings of the Golden Honey but this is by no means the only way to achieve this concoction! Use your intuition to make the perfect mix for you and your family. 4 minutes to complete Average portions: 1 parts turmeric to 3 parts honey

  • a 4 oz jar would be just under 1/2 cup of honey and about 2.5 tbsp of turmeric.

  • an 8 oz jar would be just under 1 cup of honey and about 5 tbsp of turmeric

  • Mix really well, making sure to remove clumps- texture should become airy and gritty

  • Add about a tsp or less of black pepper. Make sure the pepper is visible in the mixture but be sure not to overtake it.

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