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New Moon in Leo⚡️Energy Reading

New Moon in Leo ~ July 28th - July 30th

~Value the harvest, Foundation building, Healing with Leo’s ~

Reap the whole harvest. The value you place on your life determines the interaction you experience within self and otherwise. To place value on things, is the norm. It’s tangible and we can see it, but not all that glitters is gold. Removing value from people and replacing onto things causes an imbalance in how you interact with your own self. Maybe you feel things are more trustworthy and solid, maybe you can’t acknowledge experiences as whole because they don’t always go how you imagine. You may notice the things people do, and these things may bother you.

But healing can be found in the strangest places. You have a lot, you are lucky, you work hard, but you feel as if something is missing. You are trying to find a resolution to address how this missing piece is affecting you but….the missing piece is the foundation you sit on. It’s under your feet, you never even realized how shaky your foundation was. 4 energy is missing here - Leo energy is missing. And luckily for you, we have a Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo, and Mercury in Leo.

Leo’s love supporting others and they love their support system. Leo’s are family oriented, and they value the relationships they choose to have. Leo energy makes friends into long time family.

Do you have support? Do you allow support you? When you need someone to lean on do you find that you have someone? This takes us back to where we place value. Friendships may not be perfect, family members, mothers and fathers, siblings, coworkers, partners, may not be perfect. But their value in your life can be priceless. Take on the way of Leo, find a way to value your community and place them at a higher pedestal then the things you value. That’s how you find your missing piece. That’s how you heal the part of you that doesn’t feel valuable - value the extensions of you and use appreciation (vs depreciation) to heighten the relationship.

~Security, healing from the past, overcoming betrayal~

There is a relationship that is either in the near future, or you are entertaining currently. But with this potential relationship comes fear on your end. Fear to approach this relationship, fear of being in it, or what’s to come from it. You may have experienced unexpected betrayal and to say your guard is up, is an understatement. You have built systems and techniques of security and it’s not to be played with. And that’s okay, in this Leo season protecting yourself is always necessary. But Lions are so confident in their strength to overcome any enemy, or obstacle, they aren’t afraid to show themselves. They aren’t afraid to approach their situation with focus, stealth, and agility.

Stability will come. You will be able to make things happen, have fun, and celebrate love and companionship. Any problems that occurred in old relationships won’t show up again, you won’t feel trapped in this persons energy under their control, you will feel strong, and you will feel like you can overcome the emotions and trauma that are reoccurring. Not to say this will last forever, don’t expect it to. Don’t revel in the idea of it lasting or ending.

Shadow work is necessary. Taking a deep dive into your own history is necessary to understand yourself. Go back to the beginning to take yourself further. Balance is extremely important right now. Don’t create anything nor destroy anything. Let all things come to you. Let the etheric waters flow you to all things. Surrender to the will of your higher self as you seek understanding of your inner self.


💗Please leave a comment and any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗


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⚡️🖤Gratitude to MotherADNA, Simeon Yehuda, Papa Candelo Sedifé and the High Council⚔️



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