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3/28/22 - 4/2/22 Weekly Energy Reading - New Moon in Aries

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

~Hope, Miracles, Faith In the Process~

Now that March is ending, and we are moving into a new month. Out of Moon in Pisces into Moon in Aries. That means new things to be offered, fresh start, and infinite possibilities. This week will allow for you to move in the direction you desire. But take that energy with you, bring that life you imagined, that job or business you imagined, into this cycle of action. And Aries Moon is coming in with a stiff left, and a sharp right hook 😇

Within that, take your time, use your heart, and the energy of the natural world to guide you into the place you built for yourself. Align yourself with where you imagined yourself, and move into that space. Make choices that take you there. If it doesn’t align, leave it be. Trusting that you can make it there is half the battle, taking action to ensure you do, is the other half. Don’t fall short on this side, I’m emphasizing this because you may be tested greatly this week. You may be distracted easily, and it will take the strength of King Kong to make sure you choose correctly.

[You may be offered 3 different things, and none of those are for you. Wait for the 1. May be offered within a week.]

[Reminder: some things can be manifested out of no where. But some things require the work to be manifested. Depend on neither concept, and allow spirit to work, with trust it’ll do what it do.]

Say this New Moon in Aries affirmation with me:

“I make choices, that align my spirit, my Soul, and my body. I make choices intentionally. I choose to move into the space I created for myself to grow, thrive, and bear fruit.”

~Relationship reading within this New Moon Aries energy~

To Divine Masculine; Possibly Scorpio or Leo

Divine Feminine; possibly Scorpio, Aquarius or Water Sign

You have had your eye out on someone for a while now. Pisces moon really amped up the feelings, and the imagination of what the relationship could be. You may be quick witted, knows no bounds, adventurous, likes to joke about everything, and free spirited in general. Sometimes this turns into ego, and knowing no bounds turns into overstepping boundaries. Keep that in mind. Be free, but be aware. This other person matches your energy, and attraction comes from their ability to be free spirited and aware of how people around them react to them and love them. You can learn from that, but make sure you can offer something to them as well. Otherwise the relationship can become, take and no give. You may already be friends, or already around each other so this dynamic should come easier, but don’t think you know it all.

The balance can be there, and a relationship where you admire each other greatly can be built upon. A relationship with trust, and energy and balance with Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is within you, you grow from the energy of each of your offerings to eachother and to the spirit of your relationship. Offer genuine heart space, and consciousness of self.

Divine Masculine can offer protection action oriented energy, and through that develop trust. DM can teach transformation through inner alchemy and environmental action. Making the inside match the desired outside.

Divine Feminine can offer the love of a Divine Spiritual Goddess. Teaching love through showing love, and nurturing. DM teaches self awareness through the Crown Chakra, which bridges your highest self with your current physical form.


⚔️Gratitude to MotherADNA, Yehuda, Papa Candelo and the High Council⚔️


💗Feel free to comment and leave any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗

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