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10/9/22 Full Moon in Aries Reading 🐏

~Re-evaluation - Rest - Inner Dialogue~

This 2022 Aries cycle is now finished, with Full Moon in Aries coming to close out New Moon in Aries that occurred on 3/31/22 - you can check out that reading here.

In this reading, Spirit guided me to tell you that it was time to let go! You tipped your energetic scales in effort to create completeness, but you found yourself in places that took more than you were willing to give!

This Full Moon, you are the King of Wands, you have found and created your own strategy and you honor yourself in the way you think you should. Boundaries have been implemented for protection. You have done the inner work to create a portal of abundance yourself and now you have options. Good for you. 🤩

You consistently have inner dialogue with yourself about the work you have been putting in, and the results you have gotten. Its fire energy, you been thinking big. Gratitude is your attitude....But I sense that you are worried about keeping that up, and because of this worry, you are also consistently trying to create more portals of abundant energy while not necessarily maintaining the few you have open. You are afraid of not being able to keep up with your own lifestyle and your own energy, but if you don't slow down while you are ahead you are going to re-enter the cycle we just got out of, where we find ourselves unbalanced and taking on too much and once.

Take a step back, evaluate what you have been working toawrds and decide which forms of energy and work you value the most and stick to that! If you have 3-4 hobbies that you feel can make you money, master 2 and wait until those 2 are self-fulfilling sources of energy before starting new hobbies. Aligning with the intuitive action that allows you to build self replenishing energy in areas of your life that matter to you, is our Full Moon goal. Resting when necessary, so that our batteries can recharge, and we can remain clear headed and focused.

Within this energy of allowing your self to rest, create inner dialogue in those moments. Get to know yourself when you are relaxed. Reassure yourself you are healing, reassure your battery is filling. Release the tension that builds when you aren't acting.

🖤With Love, From Tanasha GVG Captain✨

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