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🌞“Great will be your powers and mighty your majesty over the bodies of your enemies. They will fall howling on their faces, all mankind will cringe beneath you and your might, they will respect you when they see you in that vigorous form....” • • 🌞”The right Eye of Heru, also known as the Eye of Ra, the Uraeus, represents the Sun (Ra, spiritual energy, Prana, Chi) and the left eye of Heru, the Moon (Aset-nature, mental power, understanding). At once Heru is the synthesis of spirit (Sun) and body (Moon). It is the power to “see the way” beyond spirit and matter (absolute reality).” 👁From the book “Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightment” Volume 1 by Sendai Dr. Muata Ashby


Approximately 1 inch diameter pendant on 18in, stainless steel, figaro chain. Tarnish resistant jewelry.

Eye of Ra/Heru Bronze Pendant

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