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Good Luck Banana Milk bracelet w/Yellow Jade charms

Banana Milk is a healthy alternative to milk, being made with only bananas, water, and cinnamon, it’s also vegan.

Bananas are a symbol of masculine energy. The leaves can be used to symbolize money and wealth in spells. Eat the fruit before meditation, or where the charm intentionally; Because the fruit grows towards the sky, they say bananas stimulate the connection to the realm above the sky.

Yellow Jade can indicate wisdom from tranquility; it keeps harm say from those who possess it. It attracts good luck and enables self-sufficiency. It helps with releasing emotions and is considered a “dream stone”.

Stainless steel, gold, Figaro chain

8.5 inches long, can be adjusted down

‘Good Luck Banana Milk’ Yellow Jade Bracelet

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