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🌎Daily Planetary Energy Reading🔥 Tuesday/Mars☄️ 8/9/22

Mars is known as the god of war. Associated with physical energy, initiative, aggression, & being head strong. He governs the masculine side of nature, and the muscular system. Signs it rules: Mars & Scorpio (Mars is Scorpio Ancient Ruler. Pluto rules currently.)

~Transmutation, Evolution, Focus, Spiritual Health~

This is supposed to be a daily energy reading, but this energy is huge! Transformation is imminent for the collective! This reading should be referred back to for the next few days!

Someone needs to utilize this fiery Mars energy to burn down (figuratively, please don’t light anything on fire) everything that is no use of them. We cannot take old habits, thoughts, emotions, connections, etc with us. You are tethering your energy to the past and it creates a loop. Mars will lay the groundwork for your new foundation. Full Moon in Aquarius (Aug 11th) will usher in the new and allow for easier transitions.

With this God of War energy, fight for your life. Fight against the negative powers that be, don’t fight against your higher spirit or your ancestors. Don’t fight your own team. To experience evolving, you will have to step through the Lions Gate energy, and allow the heat to transform you. Sometimes the heat is caused by high amounts of energy, sometimes it’s caused by moving fast (same difference right?), whatever the case may be, you may be inclined to avoid it. You may turn a blind eye to problems that need to be addressed, or even opportunities that are making their way over to you. And this is because, for you, sometimes the heat in the kitchen is too much. You know greatness will be expected of you. You know change will occur if we acknowledge the situation…change is confusing, but change is the only thing we can count on to remain the same.

When we create such high amounts of energy in our body from trying to evolve we have to transmute that to relieve the pressure that comes with evolving, use the tools that we have been given. Spirit is requesting you to try these:

  • Yoga: relieves build up of energy from points in our body that store energy. Allows for movement of chi (life force energy) and healing.

  • Writing: Free write. Write with no prompt or expectation. See what comes of it.

  • Travel: connect with the spirits of water, earth, and land through traveling. Witness how you nature communicates with you.

  • Children: spend more time with your children. Prioritize having experiences with them, rather then watching them having experiences. If you don’t have children, prioritize the young children around you. Show them the unique wonders of the world.

All of these tools, used with true heart felt intention, will lighten your energetic load. You won’t feel so heavy because your frequency will be higher. You will be able to move through the evolution with much ease, and experience that DNA upgrade that comes with it.


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💗Please leave a comment and any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗



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