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🌎Daily Planetary Energy Reading🪐Thursday/Jupiter🛸 8/4/22

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It’s governs expansion - intellectual and physical, knowledge, philosophy. Signs it rules: Sagittarius & Pisces

~Holistic Healing, Kundalini Rising, Balance~

For today, 8/4/22, holistic healing is front and center. Jupiter governs Thursday, a day of expansion and growth. With Jupiter being in Aries, there is a lot of passion for self, to be a new improved version. There is a need to look within self and make sturdy decisions that will lead to growth and success.

The areas you should focus on today, and for the next week, are:


How you judge yourself and others. I’m also sensing a lack of judgement, going for anything and everything to simply test what happens. Or maybe associating with people that are not adding energy to your life? Avoid that. Make straightforward decisions, especially in this Jupiter Aries energy. And don’t let other people judge you.

⚡️Holistic Health:

Kundalini Rising energy. Any ideas or sitting energy should be exercised and acted upon. Sexual energy may be present. Sexual energy may need to be utilized to open these floodgates of energy and bring them upward for upward expansion. Sitting energy causes blockages that can lead to physical ailments. I’m feeling as if the energy is active in the root and crown chakra, but the middle chakras are slowed down and receiving proper life force. If the energy from the root was to be released intentionally, through meditation, dance, sex, visualization, etc those middle chakras will reactive and you will feel that expansion.

⚡️Raziel - Dreams: Pay attention to your dreams. They may give you ideas, or may clarify something for you. If you haven’t already, create a dream journal and keep a log of the type of dreams you have. In addition, any dreams you want to achieve, Jupiter in Aries is the time to craft those. Aries is all about unique inspiration, and being the first. . If you’ve been concocting a wild idea, this is another sign to keep brewing. I know you’ve gotten about 3 or 4 signs already. You don’t have to act now, but you should strategically get started and figure out when you are gonna act.


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💗Please leave a comment and any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗


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