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Sun in Virgo ✍🏽 Element Energy Reading 8/22/22

Sun in Virgo Collective Energy Reading

🛸Aether🛸 - The Seamless Unspeakable

Nine of Wands Reversed

Queen of Coins

Put your guard down baby!!! Take the easy road. Working hard ain't working, protecting yourself from yourself, ain’t doing what you think! Get back to the basics, the bare essentials. Virgo is all about practicality but can easily become a perfectionist. Stop looking back, the road behind you no longer exists. Your past experiences are there for you to view from a distance, not pack in your luggage. Look ahead, let yourself be raw and free. Be everything you ever wanted to be. There are no boxes with your name on it because you fit in where you get in.

💕Loving Compassion💕 - Align your Heart Space

Temperance Reversed

Do you reserve your compassion for what you feel is the right moment? Most people deserve compassion, and at minimum you deserve to feel the energy that FEELING compassion for others can offer you. No need to nit-pick and analyze why someone offers or deserves compassion. Do you recognize yourself as a compassionate person? Then be that, it’s not a part time job. Attract more bees to your life with sweet honey.

🧿Awakened Awareness🧿 - Open your Minds Eye

Two of Coins

Where is your energy going? Have you noticed? How are you balancing the energy in your life that is placed to help you grow and elevate? Life is supposed to be fun. Become a witness to your life and the energy that comes in and out. There is no need to remain so serious about your choices and experiences. Find value in them, the good or the bad.

Sun in Virgo 🔥 Fire Sign Reading

We all know about those fire signs; always going, talking, thinking, moving, etc. This Virgo season, isn’t the time for that. Virgo is calculated. They talk when necessary, but they also listen when necessary. Right now is about your relationship, be it within self or your partner. Sharing your time and therefore your resources, too often or in the wrong ways. If you tend to go out in groups with your friends and your partner, Virgo season suggests switching that up and spending time with only yourself or only your partner. Go on fancy outings alone, wine tasting, the movies, shopping. We love our family and friends, but it’s time for a recharge. Use this season to love on and communicate with the inner parts of yourself that you tend to keep sacred and secret. You don’t have to trust everyone.

Sun in Virgo 🌊 Water Sign Reading

This Virgo season, water friends, speak your truth. Use the water you hold as paint, to show yourself and those who you are. Music is important this season. Let music raise your frequency and let it give you messages. Be careful of the music you constantly consume. If you can’t decide what to do or where to go, turn to the frequency of sound. Find balance in all parts of you. Find balance through action and decision. Going with the flow only works when you can balance the time of structure and organization. As water signs, you always want to go with the flow, but make decisions this Virgo season, weigh your options, and follow your intuition.

Sun in Virgo 🌍 Earth Sign Energy Reading

Earth signs, get your head out of the clouds and into your heart. You are seeking happiness, and never finding it - because happiness is to be created not found. You find it in your heart and your mind gets with the program. Your connection to earth has pulled you in, and the greatest connection of all - Spirit - has taken a back seat. Survival is not based on how hard you work. And that may be a counter intuitive concept, but surviving starts with the strength of your Spirit; The strength of your instinct. The energy of all your ancestors sit with you and in your sphere of existence, this is true survival. Curating a high frequency existence to share with others, to pass on, and to elevate others within.

Sun in Virgo 💨 Air Sign Energy reading

Air sign, you are much like water sign, always going with the flow. But you know when to make stops, you know when to change direction and make turns. The question is do you actually do it? You are a sitting duck, reversed queen of coins, but you should be a dancing swan. Every move you make towards your goals pulls you closer and fast, but you are always in your head about the moves, making that important one becomes impossible. Make those moves, you are Air, fast travel comes to you with EASE. No need to take on the anxiety with over thinking, follow your spirit and do the work, with work comes quick advancement.

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💗Please leave a comment and any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗


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