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Sun in Leo 🦁 Monthly Reading 7/22 - 8/22

~ Sun in Leo + Mercury in Leo = Say it loud and say it proud! ~

⚡️What to expect this Leo season?🦁

It’s about to get poppin. This is a neutral statement. For some of us, we are revisiting old lessons, for others we reconciling and healing. Some of may be a fast journey to healing.

~Reconciliation, Guidance, Understanding~

When you were younger, you may have been this talkative, thoughtful, interactive kid. You always sought adventure and took whoever along with you. Your mother may have been a hard worker, she may have even worked a little too hard. She worked herself to the point of overworking, and she never asked for or accepted help. This led to resentment towards you and people around her. She didn’t get to have friends or be a friend. And she may have subconsciously felt it was the fault of her children. At the same time, you needed a friend. At the same time, she wasn’t able to be your friend. When you were younger you didn’t understand the dynamic of “surviving parent”. And now that you are older, you understand but the effect of that still stands where it stands.

Your mother is in new space. You both need a companion in each other. Now is the time to have open and free conversations, and that means speaking your truth about how you feel/felt, and allowing your mother to speak hers. She can guide you - she can teach you to overcome your fears and to truly enjoy your life.

⚡️Signs this relates to: Sagittarius, Libra, Leo, Taurus ⚡️

~Unlearned Lessons, Acknowledgement of wrong doings, Breaking the cycle~

Ooohh, spirit said you in trouble!!! You have been repeating the same ol behaviors that get you in very confusing situations. These are choices you are making but you treat them as if they are strategic, technical ways to go about things. Deep down, you know you can handle situations better, for you, you’d rather stick to the script, it feels better.

You owe an apology, or recognition of a wrong doing to that person you slacked on. You left them hanging on a technicality that could’ve been worked out. Your work ethic needs an upgrade, you want to take from the community pot but your willingness to put in falls short when it’s time to do the work. Allow for the mentors to mentor, and the experienced to teach from experience. You don’t know everything because you’ve studied. Experience is an insightful knowledge each of us have to offer on our own. Study, learn, listen.

Because you feel short last time, this time around you will be experience a similar situation and it may be unrecognizable by you. Your job is to make the correct decisions, your goal is to listen to your spirit and not your egotistical mind. You will always come back to this lesson if you don’t get it right eventually.

⚡️Signs this relates to: Aries, Gemini, Aquarius ⚡️

~Worry, Overwhelming urge to act, Give attention to your manifestations~

You’ve been worried about an upcoming project, event, experience, or something. Worried about how successful it will be, if you are prepared or not, if other people will support you or show up. It’s causing you to retreat but it’s Leo Season! It’s time to show up and show out. It’s the season to inspire others and to be inspired. Seek attention and give attention. Leo’s are also very organized and strategic about how they approach their goals. Planning, organizing, trying new things, getting rid of things that don’t work.

Apart of this process is also acknowledging the things you’ve already manifested. Sitting manifestations clog up the portal and make it hard for new things to flow through. Resources that have been given to you or offered to you, trips that you have access to, ventures that you wanted to start that would hold that Leo of energy of being seen and being out there. You have manifested some things, but they came quicker then you thought they would and so you kinda just left them there and thought you would come back. Show your gratitude to spirit for allowing these manifestations to become fruit and continue manifesting more.

⚡️Signs this relates to: Taurus, Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius⚡️

~Attack!!!, Healing is coming, New beginnings~

When doing this reading the first thing I head was “ATTACK!!!”. I’m not sure if you are in danger, or you have been attacked recently and are fleeing. All I do know is that it’s your time to get away, it’s your time to be at peace, you are looking away and never turning back. If you have been thinking about it, this is your sign. Things are going to be moving fast, you will move towards your safe space swiftly, smoothly, and will fierce fire.

Thinking about it now, it’s you who needs to attack, you need to attack the obstacles of your path to get past them. Once you’ve settled into your path, your devotion and loyalty to succeeding will be the fuel that keeps you moving. You will reap all the good things you have sown. New ventures are ashore and you just have to use some elbow grease and strategy to get there.

⚡️Sign this relates to: Libra, Gemini, Virgo⚡️

🦁Angels of Atlantis Leo Season Guidance

⚡️Hanael - The Sacred Warrior ~ Integrity

Balance the scales of importance. Are you sure your choices are aligned with your vision of yourself?

⚡️Metatron - The Supernal Teacher ~ Wisdom

The knowledge you need to know, will always be found within you. The infinite wisdom of our cosmic ancestors is given to us in the palms of our earth ancestors. It’s within you.

⚡️Jophiel - The Holy Liberator ~ Forgiveness

By forgiving yourself and those around you, you honor your human experience and simultaneously untether from the power it holds over you. Release every burden upon you.

⚡️Michael - The Cosmic Leader ~ I Am Presence

The power of the great Divine is channeled through you. The piece of the Divine in you shines so brightly, it gives you the inherent royalty of being Divine yourself. Remain seated on your throne as you meditate on the power you hold within.

💗Please leave a comment and any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗


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⚡️🖤Gratitude to MotherADNA, Simeon Yehuda, Papa Candelo Sedifé and the High Council⚔️


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