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Daily Energy Reading⚡️7/15/22

•Your Spirit Team is Working in Your Favor •

~Action • Manifesting • Big Bold Vision~

At this point, you’ve done enough planning and thinking. Action is required. Manifestation works, but it’s not an automatic process. It’s a conversation, a constant dance, a chess game, that is always in action. You can easily change the course of action with one right (or wrong) move. Most of the magick done with manifesting is the work we put in ourselves that aligns us with the work spirit is always doing - you open 1 door, your Spirit will open 10. And sometimes, that means Spirit gives you the key to all 10 doors… but will you open them?

Right now isn’t the time to work alone, or be secretive. Right now is the time to network, and use the power of words and community to manifest. Use the power of friends and confidence to manifest short cuts to your goals. You know what they say: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” And in this case, that’s especially true. Spirit can guide someone to do something for you that takes you to the next level.

Contain your emotion, Queen of Cups, because you will need it to propel you into the next dimension of living. It’s like a little potion that can only be used at the designated time. Right now, you are draining that emotion potion into relationships and gatherings, that don’t refill your cup. No more of that. Let the world be inspiration to you, but if you want to manifest your wildest dreams, you must know when to be IN the world, and when to be OF the world. Water spirits are prominent here. If you connect with any water deities, give them attention and offerings. They want to help you.

You have ancestors and spirits always with you and guiding you. You must allow for that to happen, you must trust Spirit, and know that when you trust Spirit you will make decisions that don’t interfere with the work of your higher self, ancestors, your guides, and spirit team overall.

Lastly, this big bold vision card is SPEAKING. She said what she said. Her forehead covered with an enlightened honey bee - representing divine abundance/fertility, hard work, commitment, Divine Feminine - and her throaty chakra covered by an enlightened scarab - representing good luck, fortune, life, and regeneration. Whatever this vision of yours is, see it to the end! Align yourself with it and take the action required to STAY aligned.

Animal Spirits are present as well - if you connect with any owl spirits, or animals in general this is for you.


💗Please leave a comment and any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗


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⚡️🖤Gratitude to MotherADNA, Simeon Yehuda, Papa Candelo Sedifé and the High Council⚔️


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