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8/16/22 🌎Daily Planetary Energy Reading☄️Tuesday/Mars🛸

~Today, 8/16, Moon Enters Taurus and ends Thursday, 8/18. ~

Mars is known as the god of war. Associated with physical energy, initiative, aggression, & being head strong. He governs the masculine side of nature, and the muscular system. Signs it rules: Mars & Scorpio (Mars is Scorpio Ancient Ruler. Pluto rules currently.)

~Luxury, Your Vortex, Fantasy~

Moon in Taurus makes room in their heart and home for luxury. Taurus, ruled by Venus, governs the senses and is highly sensual - if it makes them feel good they want it around. This is the perfect time to cultivate how being luxurious makes you feel, and what that looks like for you. Imagining yourself living that lifestyle, lights the fire that forces you to manifest it. You get dreamy, and excited and you feel drawn to this fantasy you have harvested in your minds eye, and it feels great to be in it. That’s what it feels like to be in your vortex. Your vortex holds all your wants and desires and the further away we exist from that, the further we have to reach to pull our wants out of it. Bring the vortex to you, consistently, by embracing that feeling and knowing this is how you quantum leap to your desires.

Ascension and elevation are the themes here. Moving with ease. Traveling. Freedom. Trying new things. Getting what you deserve. You are an Angel in your own right, showing those around you the light, and guiding them with your sensitivity and natural connection to spirit. And because of this, your Angels and guides protect you. They move with you; and want to encourage you to work with children and youth in a spiritual manner, being a spiritual example and leader. You want to bring justice to the young gems around you and Spirit says you are equipped and chosen to do so.

✨Especially related to Aquarius, Sagittarius & Capricorn✨


⚡️Somebody auntie wants me to tell y’all “THAT MAN AINT FA YOU” [share this with your cousin].⚡️

Don’t let this Moon in Taurus and Venus in Leo, get you going. Taurus might have you feeling gooood and Leo will have you ready to prance….I’m pretty sure Gaston definitely had some Taurus and/or Leo in his chart….Don’t be like Gaston. Turn that obsessive energy towards yourself and know that you are worth the wait and time. Don’t let yourself be an impulsive choice, choose intention and discipline over temporary sensuality and fun. Keep your focus.


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💗Please leave a comment and any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗



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