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4/13/22 Weekly Energy Reading

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

✨What to expect this Jupiter Pisces + Neptune Pisces Conjunction✨

With Jupiter being the planet of luck, and Neptune the planet of inspiration. You can find your emotional manifestations coming into fruition faster then you thought.

The veil is thinned, and the Akashic records are open. The energy and information is now in the ethers around you. Everything you thought you knew, is being revealed to you as a figment of your own imagination (which isnt always bad, it simply reveals the power you have to create your reality). You are moving from living in the fantasy in your head, to living it in real life.

You were in a space where you thought you were stuck and unmoveable, you thought you were going to have to just deal with life as you know it, with no power to really change it. And you were ready to do that, with as much energy as you can give. But, now is not the time to manifest that. You can move yourself from the drama, the uncooperative relationships, and the unease you feel when approaching your day.

Now is the time to believe. Whatever is it you believe in. You believe you can start your business and be successful? Bet your top dollar it will be. You believe it’s time to dress how you want, and show your personality truly? Step into that, and simultaneously have the conversation of why that is what you desire? What’s the deep seated meaning behind these desires? Big or small.

Within connecting to self and asking yourself why, with no judgements, just understanding - You set yourself free, you remove yourself from being influenced by others unknowingly and you move into living in your spirit, body and actions with intention. You move into saying “yes“ or “no” with the energy of power and confidence, and you move away from actions that don’t align with your heart space. You allow divine timing to guide you, and you know your spirit won’t let you down.

The work works, the internal, quiet, dark, space within you that is unseen, shine a little light on it. You will see it’s been filled with life giving energy, that allows for you to replenish yourself at the cost of nothing but…well, work. You will find with every step you intentionally take, you move forward at a faster speed then you imagined.

You have so much energy in the vortex, but you won’t allow yourself to move into it. Become one with this energy, so you don’t have to keep reaching to get what you desire. You have an incredible amount of power and high frequency energy around you, get to know it. Get to know the fire in you, and the water. Get in tune with action and emotion. Get in tune with fluidity and structure. They all serve a purpose and are there for you to tap into within self.


If you are a person who tends to go for what you want, you see the beauty in life and things in general, and your outlook on life tends to be projected through the lens of knowing. Knowing what to expect, knowing pros vs cons, knowing how to be efficient in general - this is for you. In addition, knowing the world, how things work, or having the energy to seek out these answers.

You are not satisfied where you are within a job, or work. You are not completely dissatisfied, and you feel as if you can get something out of it, but you are at that point of decision making where the next step determines the rest of the route. You may be choosing to step into a higher position, or maybe that choice was already taken from you. You maybe be starting to feel as if your time is being taken and wasted into something not of your own. Just giving your time to others with no return. The job you do is no good for your spirit. Its no good for your higher soul or for your purpose. The job itself causes problems for you, especially with a specific masculine energy you may have to face everyday. This isn’t the job for you, if you have been thinking about relocating do so, if you have been plotting to leave, keep plotting and act soon. Your work should align with your purpose, the energy you pay the world, should align with the energy you prefer your payments to be in. Share your information with the world, share your story, and your experiences with the world. Do research, study, look into sacred geometry, look into numerology, share your understanding with people around you.

With this planetary alignment, you can really manifest your wildest dreams. Dig deep and ask WHY. Why do you choose one thing over the other? Why do you spend your energy here rather than there? You may have forgotten, or put aside, your self healing beliefs. Your beliefs that your mind and heart project the world in front of you and you can project the most amazing images and energies.

You have stopped checking in on yourself and using your healing techniques. Wheres that vision board? Where are those 7 goals? What does that altar look like? What does that relationship with source sound like? You used them essential oils recently? You cleansed yourself in the shower with the power of that mighty water? You get where I’m going. Take your power back and keep it by using it and directing in ways itll return back to you In it’s true form.


Decks used:

~Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor



⚔️Gratitude to MotherADNA, Yehuda, Papa Candelo, Yosef And the High Council⚔️


💗Please comment and leave any feedback with how this resonates with you, your experience with the reading, any alignments this brought to you, etc. Much gratitude to you 💗

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